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Broken Arrow Chiropractor :  Dr. Cody Luker

Portrait of chiropractor in Broken Arrow, Dr. Cody Luker

Dr. Cody Luker

Finding His Health and Wellness Niche

After graduating from Coweta High School in 1997 I attended Northeastern State University majoring in Health and Human Performance. Through my college years, the ultimate goal was to become a personal trainer.

However, after starting a successful training career, I felt like I was missing something. A great friend of mine whom I always respected and looked up to was a chiropractor. We made an arrangement to trade my training services for his chiropractic care. I understood the magnitude of what he did immediately! This was that next step.

Dr. Cody Luker’s Chiropractic Training

I immediately began researching schools and decided to set my sights on Parker University. They seemed very well rounded, progressive and current which appealed to me. Upon acceptance in to the program the rest was history… I had taken my next step. Chiropractic school is very intensive, very closely following the curriculum of medical school.

The main difference between chiropractic and medical school is treatment procedures– chiropractic takes a natural/vitalistic approach and medicine usually focuses on treatment with medications, etc. I am incredibly thankful for both of our professions and work very closely with many medical doctors, giving and receiving referrals on a very regular basis.

Finding Work and Life Balance

My son, Chase, means the world to me. Together, we love biking, playing in the jeep, loving on our dog, snowboarding, working out, hiking, four-wheeling, canoeing and anything else that’s adventurous and usually outdoors. I’m also a firm believer in “training like you mean it”, regularly attending CrossFit.

Combining Personal Life and Chiropractic Experience

I receive chiropractic adjustments on a regular because they help keep me going. I believe in what I do and take advantage of the many benefits. Our clinic is also fortunate enough to have a master acupuncturist in office from whom I frequently receive treatments.

I consider myself an excellent listener and hope I get the opportunity to meet you in person and discuss your specific health challenge. Give our office a call or email me with the link below to schedule a chiropractic appointment in Broken Arrow.

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